Successful without Social Media? Introducing Slow-Blogging

I am 25 years old. I am a late Millenial. And I am sick of Social Media.

Chances are if you clicked on this blog post, you are, too.

Let me introduce myself: At heart, I am an artist. Whether it’s writing, drawing, editing or making music – I am passionate about creating artistic heartfelt visions. Just like this blog. But wait a minute, it’s 2020 nobody reads blogs anymore. Let alone a small blog.

If you are heading to my Instagram now to check my amount of followers or google my name, to see if I “made it”, I am going to step on your feet shortly: You are part of the problem! Or in different words: The “always bigger and better”-definition of success has got you wrapped up.

Don’t worry, I am in the same boat with you. But let me guess: You are unhappy with it. Maybe you can’t get the engagement, followers or likes you think you deserve. Maybe social media is increasingly stressing you out. Whatever the reasons may be, you toy with the idea that social media is not really as necessary as they say it is.

Let me introduce you to: Slow-Blogging

Yesterday, this term simply came to my mind. When I googled it, I realized it already exists. It’s already a thing. This proves to me that I’m not the only one feeling this way. In fact, many of my immediate friends are downright tired of using Instagram & Co., some have deleted it, … and some very few never had one single Social Media Account to begin with (wizards!!).

What is Slow-Blogging? Slow-Blogging is an individual mindset. It is the wish to move away from always growing bigger, or reaching more people. Also the wish to move away from always being on the forefront of every trend-wave. People interested in slow-blogging are exhausted. Tired of the endless chase. We crave something else.

Yet, we want to share our work with the world.

How can I be successful with Slow-Blogging?

To answer this question, we must dive into three fundamental insights first:

  1. The Root – The root is actually simple. It is self-esteem. You are slowly waking up to the idea that Social Media makes you feel like it’s never enough. Like YOU are never enough. If this is the case, you have only one option: Changing your relationship to Social Media.
  2. To do so, consider several options that come to your mind. For example, you could stop using all of your channels completely. Or you could change your content entirely so it feels more in-alignment. For example, many former fashion bloggers changed their content to conscious fashion and consumption. Whatever it is, slow-blogging encompasses all of these. Slow-blogging is about changing your relationship to social media.
  3. I am successful. Yes, go ahead, check my Instagram. Try to google me. You won’t find much. Yet I stick with this statement.
    So what is success really? Does it mean happiness? How would YOU really feel successful?
    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But you need to answer it with brutal honesty. What would be so bad about admitting your true desires? What negative thing could potentially happen? These answers are part of your current compass needle – your current north node. If you dream of being famous on Social Media, that is awesome. Go and chase it! But if that is not the case, why do you still hold yourself up to these standards?

A Road called Organic Growth

Organic Growth values quality over quantity. Some of the advantages of organic growth include
long-term success, a knit fan-base who value a certain type of content and a massive decrease in stress-created content. Also, it’s the best thing that can happen to you if you have a poor self-concept. Instead of trying to look left and right for the newest trends, you start to create texts or art that feel like you. In the beginning, this is awkward and you won’t feel like “you have a style”. But that is the point. You step away of frantically trying to be a brand by having a forced coherent Instagram feed or hopping on every new subject on Twitter. Instead you will get to know yourself better. I am going to repeat this so you really get it: Instead you will get to know yourself better.

How can you be truly successful, if you don’t know who you are, “what you’re selling?” How can you be truly successful, if you’re chasing an ideal of success that is not even matching your idea of personal success?

If you’ve clicked on this post, chances are you’re further down the road of self-awareness than a vast majority of people. I am not saying this, to make you feel elitist. I am saying this to validate your pain. It is NOT easy to realize a certain road is not for you anymore and to change course. To shift your life according to your new values. It is a limbo phase, where the old is breaking away, and the new is not there yet.

How can I find a strategy that works for me?

Here is what I’d urge you to do: Ask yourself questions. To get you started here are a few:

  1. What is my personal definition of success?
  2. Which emotional needs are currently not met in my life? (to help with these, you can google “List of Emotional needs”)
  3. Which need am I so afraid I can’t meet outside Social Media or Fast-Blogging?
  4. Am I replacing Social Media with a certain emotional need I have instead of looking for it directly? E.g. do I feel lonely and instead of reducing my fear to real people and finding ways to connect with real people, I try to fill the void with Social Media?
  5. What do I like about my current online presence? What would I like to keep? And most importantly why?
  6. What do I dislike about my current online presence? And most importantly why?
  7. Do I want to stay online at all? What could be possible consequences of staying “social online”? What are possible consequences of withdrawing completely?

To wrap up this article, I would like to leave you with a quote I wrote today:

A paper snippet held by a woman with an empowering quote.

Repeat after me: I am enough. My art is enough. My Social Media doesn’t define me.

Because in the end, isn’t that what it’s really about?

Love, Frauke ♥

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