Less is More – 7 Steps to Minimalism

What is minimalism... At first, the term sounds scary - like depriving yourself from joy. However, this lifestyle can help you to focus on the essential by getting rid of unnecessary burdens. For me, it is about gaining conscience of the value of my belongings. A fundamental aspect is reduced consumption behavior; treating yourself with…Read more Less is More – 7 Steps to Minimalism

The Best Productivity Hack Ever – Bullet Journal

Today’s to-do list on a sticky note, lunch date in my office calendar, ideas for my mom’s birthday scribbled down in a planner… This is how my tasks were spread out a year ago. I kept forgetting important dates and always felt overwhelmed by the amount of workload ahead of me. Sound familiar? Of course,…Read more The Best Productivity Hack Ever – Bullet Journal

Narrative in Video Games

Language and Design are central fields I have always been interested in. I love mapping out concepts and learning how to implement them. Especially regarding the different multimedial channels available to us now there is a sheer diversity of new possibilities. During my literature seminars at university I became more and more intrigued with different…Read more Narrative in Video Games